Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Grazier Portable Fence System

Gold Medal Award Winner

Stop Chicken Killer Dogs

The Grazier System is:

  • A Step-In Simple Electric Fence System
  • A Self-Contained Nearly Automatic System
  • Amazingly Strong and Stable

Unique Corner Bracing makes the Grazier System:

  • Light to Carry
  • Easy to Install with No Tools
  • Step in with Toe Pressure
  • Kick out with Toe Pressure

Even as simple as it is, The Grazier System:

  • Withstands significant pull and tensioning
  • Is versatile enough for almost any fencing task
  • Is portable enough to go anywhere, any time
  • Is modular, and can "grow" with your needs
  • Works Great on Extremely Dry and Hard Ground

The Grazier Systemís primary components are composed of steel, fiberglass, and nylon electric rope, capable of withstanding hard, abusive use for years, and are unconditionally guaranteed to your satisfaction.

There is no limit to the acreage to which you can apply The Grazier System. When applied to large scale projects, The Grazier System can cost a dollar or less per linear foot, making it very competitively priced for serious fence projects. It is durable enough to stand in place for many years, versatile enough to change your fence placements on a whim, and portable enough to take along when you travel.

No other fence can match the versatility of The Grazier System.